Lucy Canteen Bag - Basic

$ 170.00

Brand Bali Bags
Please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

  • 7” Round x 3” Deep
  • 54” Leather Strap
  • Hand Woven Ata Grass
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Lining: Hand Loomed Cinnamon Cotton 
  • Gusseted Lining to Keep Your Possessions From Spilling Out
  • True Crossbody Style
  • Lid with Tab Closure
  • Your Bali bag is a handmade work of art. Each bag is made one by one, by hand. Your bag should be treated like any precious piece of clothing. Your bag should not be the 'workhorse ' of your handbag stable.
  • We also recommend that you not fill your bag to the brim with very heavy objects as this puts strain on the handles.
  • A note about the smoky fragrance: Let your bag sit in a breezy location not in direct sunlight for a few days. If your bag has a lid, leave it open. You may also spray the inside with Febreze.

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